Communication Settings

To change your Communication Settings in any of the categories below, you can do so in your Email Preferences (found under your Account Settings.)

NOTE: By default, all below settings are set to YES.


Activity Feed

As you explore your Neuro Gym community, you receive email notifications for when you’re mentioned by another community member or when someone interacts with your content (replies to comments and updates). Under Activity Feed in your Email Preferences, you can adjust either of these to YES (send me an email when this occurs) or NO (do not send me an email when this occurs).


You can interact with other community members through direct messaging! When a member messages you, you will receive an email notification. Under Messages in your Email Preferences, you can choose YES (please send me message notification emails) or NO (do not send me message notification emails.)

Social Groups

In our community you can join Groups to discuss your programs. You will receive email notifications for when you’re invited to a group as well as activity within it (group messages, updates, & so on.) To change this, go to Groups under your Email Preferences and select whether you want to receive email notifications for a certain action (YES) or do not want to receive email notifications for a certain action (NO.)


When you join, you can start making connections with other members! When another member invites you to connect with them or accepts an invitation to connect from you, you’ll receive an email from us. If you’d like to change this, go to Connections under your Email Preferences and select whether you’d like to receive email notifications from us (YES) or not (NO) for either.

If you make any changes to your Email Preferences, be sure to select the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page before exiting or your new settings won’t save.

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