Community Member Blocking Guidelines

At Neuro Gym we strive to build a safe, fun, and rewarding community of peers.  With this in mind, we would like to make sure each individual member of our community is empowered to have control over who can connect with you on the platform.

To support this environment, we have given you the power to block members who will interfere with your experience here at at Neuro Gym.

While we don’t anticipate this functionality to be used very often we do want to provide this to you as a way to be able to self-manage your list of connections and relationships on the platform.  If you find that there is a member you don’t wish to hear or receive messages from or even, see posts, etc. you can simply click on “Block” on their profile page.

Our team will be notified if you block someone. In addition, we will be monitoring members who are not appropriate or who are being blocked by multiple members.

Please also know that if you encounter any member behaving in a way that you feel is not productive for our community please do not hesitate to bring that to our attention.

We want to thank you for helping make Neuro Gym a fun, safe, and friendly community for all.

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