Community Profanity Guidelines

Here at Neuro Gym we pride ourselves in fostering a safe and professional environment for our community of peers.  To support this mission, we have established some simple “Profanity Guidelines” for our community.

While free speech and the open sharing of ideas are very important to us, there here are certain words and phrases that do not serve our community or provide the professional and positive environment we are striving to create.  Thus, we have implemented a profanity filter throughout all aspects of this platform.

We draw from a list of common profane words and are limiting as many words that may be offensive to our community members without taking away freedoms.  These words are not automatically deleted but instead all the letters of the word(s) are replaced with asterisks.

So if you see a post that says something like this, “I got really ****** off about …..”  you will know that our automated profanity filter has done its job.

Here is an example:

Please do let us know if there are words that you find are blocked that you feel are appropriate especially when used in a non-profane context and we will be happy to evaluate.

Thank you so much for helping us keep our community a positive for all.

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