Enterprise Scale

Enterprise Scale

In my experience there are very few teams like mine that have built membership platforms to scale.   During the first decade of our company we developed and managed over 4.5 Million lines of custom code comprising our own proprietary CMS, LMS, CRM, Gamification, Commerce, Autoresponder, Affiliate System, Multi-Level Commissioning System and much much more.

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During those years we had platforms that had 100k or more members with millions of contacts in their CRMs. We built it to scale!

During this last decade we have shifted much of our technology stack to the WordPress Ecosystem but we will have clients with 100s of thousands of members and 1 million plus contacts in their CRM all running on WordPress. The formative years of building platforms from scratch taught us how to optimize PHP and all the components of a WordPress based system.

When we shifted to the WordPress ecosystem we switched out our millions of lines of code to BuddyBoss for our social, LearnDash for our LMS, GamiPress for our gamification, Affiliate WP for our affiliate system and now use any number of CRM and membership systems.

One of the most important things our Enterprise clients come to us for is our ability to create a Platform Unified Business or what we call a PUB. Thus the name TribePUB. The problem this solves is to centralize the conversion and fulfillment processes all on one platform where they then control the full UX, own the data and much more.

Most of our Enterprise Clients come to us because their business processes are spread far flung across the web and housed in multiple third party SaaS solutions and platforms. What they want to accomplish is to centralize and streamline their conversion and fulfillment processes for their members, staff and overall operations. We solve this scaling problem by unifying their business on our platform.

Enterprise clients also come to us because they are not able to scale their WordPress  hosting and performance architecture to keep up with sales and load. They have the sales and traffic but they don’t have the right team to keep the platform up or performing at optimum speed.   We solve those problems.

Clients at the Enterprise Level usually have complex problems that need to have proven simple and stable solutions.They also usually have complex teams, departments and processes that need to be navigated and integrated with as well as part of the problem solving process. Our team is adept at not only navigating these challenges but excelling in them while delivering clear and consistent results. 

If you are an Enterprise Level organization (100K+ contacts in your CRM) and are struggling with some challenges then we would like to connect with you and see if we are a fit for you.   We can schedule a free consultation call to get an overview of what you are wanting to accomplish and make some recommendations.

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If you need some examples of how we have worked with clients just like you then visit the Case Studies and Client Testimonials.Otherwise contact us and we can schedule a free 45 minute consultation to see if we are a right fit for you.