Growth Pains

Growth Pains

One of the most heart wrenching parts of our job is to hear the stories of clients that come to us after working with a freelancer or agency that just didn’t do a good job. The second most painful story we hear are membership sites that have hit a plateau and the owners don’t know what to do.

The Process

I grimace when I hear either of these stories and others like it. I know the pain and cost these owners have gone through and the level of frustration they are experiencing.The good news is we always have had a solution for them that helps them maximize the work they have invested in so far while propelling them to their next phase of success and growth.

We also have clients that come to us that have successful membership sites but don’t have the engagement and subscription retention they would like to see.They are suffering from chargebacks, refunds, cancellations and other challenges and they don’t know how to close the backdoor fast enough.

The first decade of my career I focused on really learning the art and science of building the proper tech stack and operational mechanics of a membership platform.But after building the first 200 or so platforms and seeing so many of them actually struggle to grow and monetize I shifted my focus during this last decade to how to create member engagement that empowers the monetization of the content, community and commerce of the platforms we served.

Over those years we became some of the top experts and practitioners in learning design,  gamification, onboarding, user engagement and user experience. And as a result we saw the platforms we work with stabilize and grow.

In the Startup Phase we have a 5D process of Discovery, Determine, Document, Develop and Deploy. With our clients that are in Growth Pains we take the same approach but in these cases we are working with a lot more knowns and actual sites, engagement metrics and results.We go through our 5D process with our clients as well as our proprietary Gamplify gamification process and take the full user experience through our Engagement Matrix. By using this proven process we have been able to dramatically improve the UX and monetization of our clients.

No matter what type of growth pain you are struggling with I want to encourage you to schedule a free 45 minute Consultation call where we can explore how to fix the problem and get you back on track for growth.

Next Steps

If you need some examples of how we have worked with clients just like you then visit the Case Studies and Client Testimonials.Otherwise contact us and we can schedule a free 45 minute consultation to see if we are a right fit for you.