Startup Phase

Startup Phase

When launching a membership platform there are a ton of considerations. And if you are new to this space and business model there are a lot of unknowns that can keep you up at night.  

We Architect, Build and Grow

One of the unique elements about our process that our clients really appreciate is that we can Architect, Build and Grow your platform.Very few people can do all three of these. They may be good at one aspect but not all three. Thus our clients, when trying to build with other teams, have to hire someone to design, another team to build and then another team to grow.

All of my clients comment on how refreshing and seamless it is to work with one team to guide them through and accomplish all of their goals. There are two primary types of startup clients we work with.

The New Online Entrepreneur

The first type of Startup Client we have is the person who has never had a website or most definitely a membership site.

Our clients who have never used WordPress or have only used WordPress for a standard website or blog are often totally overwhelmed when starting down the path of creating a membership site.There are so many new things to learn, so many options and it is hard to figure out where to start.

All of these unknowns, options and opinions that you Googled or watched a YouTube video on may have you more confused and overwhelmed than when you started the process.

The Experienced Online Entrepreneur​

The second type of Startup Client we work with is the experienced online entrepreneur who has had a website and usually has a product offering but they have yet to build that out to a full membership platform. They are usually selling a product or service and want to add community, gamficiation, a more robust learning system and more to their customers so they can convert them into loyal members and often recurring subscribers.

This type of client, while familiar with websites and often WordPress, are still very unfamiliar with the membership platform space and options and are looking to find guidance or to fully outsource the development of the platform so they can stay focused on growing their member base and fulfill on or grow their product and service offerings.

The Process

For both types of clients we help them cut through weeds and create a clear path for them. This is why we start with a Discovery Process that helps us determine what you are looking to accomplish.

There are multiple types of platforms we build from just social communities, to learning communities, to influencers sites and so many more. So the first thing we do is find out who you are, what you want to accomplish and who is the audience you are targeting.

Once we have that done with that we then  go much deeper in our Discovery Process until we have really mapped out all aspects of your business model and goals. From there we begin our Determine Process.

In the Determine Process we map out what is the WordPress Technology Stack (System) that will best meet your and your members needs. We review all the options and pros and cons of each and what will make up the best fit for you. 

From there we move into the Document Process where we fully document your Business Model and how it is going to take shape on your new Membership Platform. We map out your offerings, products, subscriptions, monetization strategy, engagement and gamification strategy and much more. Once you are satisfied with your scope document we are ready to move onto the Development Process.

During the Development Process we build and customize your platform to your brand standards and populate the content. We also build out the commerce piece that will empower you to monetize your members. It is also during this phase that we configure whatever CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software/platform you are using as well as implement an engagement or gamification strategies we designed during the prior processes.

Once we are complete with the Development Process we move into the Deploy Process where we go through an Alpha and Beta phase on our way to a full live launch. During the Alpha Phase we have you, your start and/or your core team test the platform as if you were a member. We fix any bugs and make any improvements we find. We then go into a Beta phase where we bring on a small group of core members and go through the same process. Once we are successfully through Beta we are ready for a live launch.

Next Steps

If you need some examples of how we have worked with clients just like you then visit the Case Studies and Client Testimonials. Otherwise contact us and we can schedule a free 45 minute consultation to see if we are a right fit for you.